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Analogies-Exercise Questions

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In each questions, a pair of words is given, followed by four pairs of words as alternatives. The candidate is required to choose the pair in which the words bear the sane relationship to each other as the words of the given pair bear.

1. Arrows: Quiver
a) Fear: Tremble      
b) Money: Bank      
c) Sound: Music       
d) Coin: Mint


2. Partridge: Covey

a) Directors: Band  
b) Mountain: Range   
c) Sheep: Swarm     
d) Goods: Consignment


3. Embarrass: Humiliate
a) Enquire: Ask   
b) Embezzle: Peculate  
c) Gamble: Investment  
d) Annoy: Exasperate


4. Aerie : Eagle

a) capital : government     
b) bridge : architect     
c) unit : apartment    
d) house : person


5. Farce: Absurdity

a) Disease: Medicine  
b)Charity: Generosity   
c) Tragedy: Comedy  
d) Energy: Electricity


6. Conviction : Incarceration

a) reduction : diminution   
b) induction : amelioration 
c)  radicalization : estimation  
d) marginalization : intimidation

In each of the following questions, there is a relationship between two given words on one side of: : and one word is given on another side of: : while another word is to be found from the given alternatives, having the same relation with this word as the words of the given pair bear. Choose the correct alternative.


7. Dungeon: Confinement:: Asylum : ?

a) Refuge       
b) Mercy     
c) Truancy          
d) Remorse 


8. Scribble: Write: : Stammer : ?
a) Walk     
b) Play      
c) Speak     
d) Dance


9. Quail: Partridges: : Yak: ?

a) Cows    
b) Deer    
c) Oxen      
d) Antelopes


10. Snake: Fang : : Bee: ?

a) Honey    
b) Humming  
c) Wax   
d) Sting


Choose the word out of the given four alternatives which will fill in the blank space and show the same relationship with the third word as between the first two.


11. Embarrassed is to humiliated as frightened is to…..
a) terrified       
b) agitated      
c) courageous      
d) reckless


12. Candid is to indirect as honest is to………
a) Frank     
b) wicked    
c) truthful       
d) untruthful

13. Bhakra is to Sutlej as Aswan is to ……..

a) Indus    
b) Damodar   
c) Volga    
d) Nile


14. Insomnia is to Lead as Minamata is to……

a) Tobacco  
c) Alcohol  
d) Chromium


15. Amorphousness is to Definition as Lassitude is to……

a) Energy   
b) Awareness   
c) Uniformity  
d) Companionship


Answers & Explanations


1. Ans: b. Arrows are kept in a quiver. Similarly, money is kept in a bank.

2. Ans: d. Second is a collection of first.

3. Ans: d. The word in each pair are synonyms.

4. Ans: d. An aerie is where an eagle lives; a house is where a person lives.

5. Ans: b. The word in each pair are synonyms.

6. Ans: a. A conviction results in incarceration; a reduction results in diminution.

7. Ans: a. A prisoner in confined within the dungeon, and an unsheltered person takes refuge within the asylum.

8. Ans: c.  First is an improper form of the second

9. Ans:c. First belongs to the family of the second.

10. Ans: d. Second is the bite of the first.

11. Ans: a. If someone has been humiliated, they have been greatly embarrassed. If someone is terrified, they are extremely frightened.

12. Ans: d. Candid and indirect refer to opposing traits. Honest and untruthful refer to opposing traits.

13. Ans: d. Bhakra ia a dam situated on Sutlej river. Similarly, Aswan is a dam situated on Nile river.

14. Ans: b. Poisoning by the second causes the first.

15. Ans: a. The words in each pair are opposites of each other.