Wipro Technologies Interview-other Contributed by Nitin Abhishek updated on Nov 2019
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Hi friends, I am from electronnics and telecommunication, kiit , Bhubaneswar and i got selected in WIPRO-VLSI section. certainly i would like to share my experience of that day which can enhance your knowledge for the same.

At start a written test of 50 questions ( 20 -English,20-maths+aptitude 10 technical) was given to us. I think Wipro written is very much unpredictable. The questions this time were quite tough. Whatever preparation i did for it didn't work! Solving R.S Aggrawall, solving previous year questions,barrons,net questions etc nothing worked! What works is your own mental ability, command on English and technical knowledge (c,c++,unix/linux,dbms etc). I still don't know the correct method to prepare for it. But I would suggest , if you have enough time solve as much mathematical puzzles,prepare for GRE,and Strengthen your c.c++(if non-it branch). But,believe me, although i feel my C is strong , i was not able to find the outputs in question easily. Try to contact friends of other colleges, where  Wipro had been before. May be that can work. NO NEGATIVE MARKING.SECTIONAL CUT-OFF (although low)

Next was the VLSI interview. Be prepare with five of your core branch papers.That must include basic electronics,and knowledge about transistors (cmos,nmos,pmos,FET etc), SSN (fourier transform,fourier series etc). Other than these you can have DE and MP 8085 as your favorites. To some fellow colleagues, questions were also asked on Control System.

You will find only one interviewer visiting most of the colleges. And he generally take stress interview. He is not going to get easy if you say you have done a VLSI training. He simply don't care about it . Dont try to impress him with fake projects on VLSI. What he want is just basic knowledge on your subjects.Very basic questions ( draw CE characterestics ,DMA procedure,Diff between combinational and sequential circuit etc) were asked.But wipro, is unpreditable so prepare Hard.And I suggest get a VLSI training(although not necessary). This can boost you up a bit.

He also checks and give weight age to INTRODUCE YOURSELF. he checks how much diversity and flexibility you have .And also your communication skills. One of my friend gave all answers correct.But ,his last question was TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF? And he didn't answer it quite well. He didn't get the HR Form. (interviewer has limited HR FORM)Impress him,remember, SELL YOURSELF.speak things which he want to listen. One of my friend said in his intro , he aspires to become a VLSI engineer.The interviewer was impressed.Although he didn't give all answers well , he was qualified(got an HR form).

She(99%chance you will face lady in casual clothes). All of them will be friendly.But they reject almost 50% of total candidates appearing for HR. She will have a paper on your technical interview report. So don't try to bluff her saying my technical interview was excellent! Dont be ARROGANT or AGGRESSIVE. Dont say things like I AM ABSOLUTE AND THE BEST etc, Be HUMBLE. Prove these things indirectly to them.

Practice enough to have excellent communication skills and good fluency. Whatever talents you have technically, if you don't have good fluency, you will be rejected. Read newspapers aloud(speaking and racing) for that. Questions will be on the stuff you have written in your CV and in your HR form. Clarity of thoughts is require to conquer the HR round. BLUFF in a very cautious way. Do not Speak technical jargons which they cannot understand. They will cross-question you (in a very friendly and trapped way).But with clarity of thoughts you can answer every bit of it.

Questions will be on why Wipro?,Strengths, Weakness, Why VLSI section? ( HR interview for VLSI as well as IT will be same),Career objective, Training you have undergone. If she offers you to eat something just say "no thanks. May be later"( She was impress by my 'may be later'). KEEP SMILE(very necessary). Dont allow them to show you are down. Counter answer them in a polite way. She counter questioned me a lot and i presented her all the answers(some of them were bluffs(technical part)but very precautioning) in a polite way with a smile.I left her with no scope to reject me. At last she gave a smile and said ok Nitin , I AM DONE.Her expression on face gave me a positive sign of her surrender.

Out of 33 for VLSI, only 12 were selected in technical round. EIGHT were finally selected in HR. As far as overall recuitment is consider 106 were selected out of 270 who qualified test. Among those who qualified tech,almost 65 were rejected in HR round(almost 40-50%).