Wipro Technologies Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Sruthi updated on May 2019


Hi friends ,I m Lalit kumar Saw (MCA) got through Wipro on 2nd April.. It was 2nd  to visit our campus.400 appeared for it but written was a bit tough. To clear specially quantitative.

Question Pattern
1.English-15 q

time 1 hour n sectional cut off was there. 260 cleared written.

Then tech interview and finally hr . If u clear tech u will get hr form else rejected.
English was easy u can clear the cut off.
Maths n reasoning q were lengthy

Tech was easy all were related to computers…
1 unix command q
which command is used to show device used  
ans -tty
2 sizeof()
is a fun or operator
(Ans operator)

There were 10 panels and I was last to have my tech interview on 12:30 am. As I was form Bsc Maths he asked some series output. I was unable to answer.
Then asked about favourite c or c++>I told c++ .He asked
Friend  fun
Copy constructor
Fun overloading
Finally he told u r last person so I will not reject u and gave me the hr form. He was a cool guy..

I was last in HR also at 3 am in morning
Only 3 panels for hr. All were Lady. Mine Hr was a Young lady
She asked
1.how was  your tech interview
2>How u r consistent (FROM my Hr form)
3.Ur objective
4. why gap in your career>(I had I yr gap)
5.about UTSAAH ( A Social group of our MCA dept)
She was very much Impressed by our U TSAAH group.
She told that I  appreciate such noble acts that apart from such a rigorous course still your
Getting time for such social services.”” What a approach”
6.R u ready to be reallocated???
7.R u Clear about terms n conditions???

Finally she Replied that u have “Very short and Sweet Interview-I liked it”.Finally results declared in 4 am and 106 r selected.
HR was very easy. Maintain I contact and confidence and obviously smile. If u cleared tech 90% u r a Wiproite.They empashis mostly on electronics and vlsi (IF it is in your core)

All tech interviewers were PM or Experienced .Networking  and software engineering was often  asked to many of my friends..OK friends Best of luck