Visakhapatnam Steel Plant Paper Contributed by Sreyas updated on May 2019

Visakhapatnam Steel Plant - popularly known as Vizag Steel is the first Shore based Integrated Steel Plant in the country and is known for its Quality Products and Customer Delight. Vizag steel plant recruits management trainees and JT through written exam basis, here we are providing list of topics and sample question paper of Vizag Steel Plant.

List of Topics for Vizag Steel Plant(JT)


1. Units of measurement for length, volume and weight. 
2. Use of measuring instruments and type of instruments. 
3. Types of threads and their specific uses. 
4. Types of Gear Teeth and Specific uses. 
5. Basic calculation for change gears in lathes to cut different types of thread. 
6. Tools for use in lathe, milling machine, shaping machine. 
7. Form of bolts and nuts. 
8. Types keys and cotter joints and their specific uses. 
9. Shaft couplings–types and uses. 
10. Belt and Pulleys–types and uses 
11. Welding and welded joints. 


Maintenance and repairing of measurement instrument, Basic Electrical Engg., Basic Electronics, Motor (AC and DC) concepts, (practical). Domestic and Industrial Wiring, Power System Basics, Transformer System, Basic of Power Electronics, Electrical Drives (maintenance and repairing), Maths, Electrical Drawing. 

Electronics and Instrumentation 

Maintenance and repairing of measurement devices, TV, Radio, PCB Making, Medical Instrument Repairing, Basic Electrical Engg., Basic Electronic Engg. Maths.

                                 Vizag Steel Plant Sample Question Paper

General Aptitude

1. Select the related words from the given alternatives: weight : kilogram : : 
(A) mile : length 
(B) bushel : corn 
(C) distance : kilometre 
(D) seconds : hours 

2. The earliest known Indian script is 
(A) Mori 
(B) Devanagiri 
(C) Brahmi 
(D) Kharosh 

3. Which is the greatest number less than 10,000 divisible by 48, 60 and 64? 
(A) 9600 
(B) 9552 
(C) 9664 
(D) 9720 

Working English 

4. Fill in the blank. 
This is the boy ________ I told you of. 
(A) who 
(B) whom 
(C) that 
(D) whose 

5. Choose the word that is nearest to the meaning of the given word. 
(A) detest 
(B) contest 
(C) arrest 
(D) protest 

6. Identify the kind of noun underlined: 
Always speak the truth. 
(A) common 
(B) proper 
(C) collective 
(D) abstract 

Electronics and Instrumentation

10. A transistor has ________ number of terminals. 
(A) 2 
(B) 3 
(C) 1 
(D) 4 

11. Armature of an electrical machine is the 
(A) stator part of the machine 
(B) rotor part of the machine 
(C) yoke of the machine 
(D) none of these 

12. In flame atomizer the sample is converted into fine spray by 
(A) burner 
(B) fuel 
(C) nebulizer 
(D) none of these 

13. The basic limitation of a P-action only controller is 
(A) very slow error correction 
(B) high overshoot 
(C) non-zero offset 
(D) instability of process 

14. Which valve is most commonly used for throttling service? 
(A) glove valve 
(B) needle valve 
(C) ball valve


15. Which of the following is only a power electronics component? 
(A) thyristor 
(B) diode 
(C) transistor 
(D) none of these 

16. What type of instrument is used to measure dc voltage of the order 5 volts? 
(A) moving iron type 
(B) electro-static type 
(C) moving coil type 
(D) all of these 

17. Which of the following has negative temperature coefficient? 
(A) brass 
(B) mercury 
(C) electrolytes 
(D) silver 

18. Fibre glass insulation can be used up to temperature of 
(A) 60°C 
(B) 80°C 
(C) 130°C 
(D) 180° 

19. In an oil filled transformer, oil is provided for 
(A) cooling 
(B) insulation 
(C) lubrication 
(D) both (A) and (B) 


20. Which of the following is the natural abrasive 
(A) Al2O3 
(B) SiC 
(C) boron carbide 
(D) corundum 

21. Generally bearing bushes are made of 
(A) copper 
(B) white metal
(C) gun metal 
(D) brass 

22. Blast furnace uses the following as fuel 
(A) coal 
(B) coke 
(C) diesel 
(D) producer 

23. Best conductor of heat and electricity is 
(A) nickel 
(B) copper 
(C) chromium 
(D) aluminium 

24. Arc welding uses following electric supply 
(A) ac 
(B) dc 
(C) both ac and dc 
(D) spiral waveform