iGATE Placement Preparation

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Learn and practice IT Companies Placement Prep, Interview Preparation, iGATE questions and answers with explanation for interview,placement test,online test,competitive examination and entrance test

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" Mostly asked iGATE Technical / HR interview questions and best answers

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Mock Test

iGATE Placement Paper-1

iGATE Placement Paper-2

iGATE Placement Paper-3

iGATE Placement Paper-4

iGATE Placement Paper-5


Latest Selection Procedure of iGate

1.Written Test

2.Technical Interview

3.HR Round


1.Written Test

No of Questions : 50

Time Limit : 60 Minutes


a)Verbal ability

Reading Comprehension : 5 Questions

Fill in the blanks based on Prepositions,articles,etc:10 questions

Synonymns,Antonyms: 5 Questions


b)Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning :30 Questions

Ratio Proportions -4 Qs

Time and Distance -3 Qs

Time and Work – 3 Qs

Partnership-4 Qs

Permutation & combination-2Qs

Analytical Reasoning-5 Qs

Seating Arrangement-4 Qs

No sectional Off


2.Technical Interview

1.Basic C Questions

2.Favorite subject


4.Write syntax

5.About programs in ece(matlab, verilog in vlsi)

6.Explain verilog programs which I specified in resume.

7.Weakness,strengths (explain with example)

8.Ask me to say about "C" language.

9.Ask me to write syntax

10.Why iGate

11.What you know about iGate

12.About hard work and smart work

13.Quality of leader

14.Where u like to see you after 5years

15.Many questions from paper presentation, inplant training,project.

HR round:

1.About myself?

2.2.Are you mobile

3.Any question (I asked about igate logo)