CTS Placement Preparation

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Learn and practice IT Companies Placement Prep, Interview Preparation, Cognizant questions and answers with explanation for interview,placement test,online test,competitive examination and entrance test


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Cognizant Practice test- Free

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 Practice Cognizant-Complete placement preparation kit based on latest pattern

















Cognizant -CTS written test consists of 2 sections:

( Number of questions: 50 Time limit : 60 Minutes ,Sectional cutoff, No negative  Mark)                                                                                                     Quantitative /Analytical Ability (30 questions in 30 minutes)
Verbal Ability (Based on English,25 questions in 30 mints)

Analytical ability covers topics from : Puzzles, Figure-Odd-1, Syllogism, Coding and decoding, Logical connectives, Data sufficiency, Data sufficiency, Data interpretation, Statement-Conclusion, Blood relation, Cube and dice, Statement inference, Figure Sequence

Verbal ability section covers topics from: Error in sentences, Rearrange, Passage, Jumble Sentence

Top 10 skills - to amaze the recruiters 

1. Commercial awareness 
2. Communication
3. Teamwork
4. Negotiation and persuasion
5. Problem solving
6. Leadership
7. Organization
8. Perseverance and motivation
9. Ability to work under pressure
10. Confidence