ThoughtWorks Placement Preparation

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Learn and practice IT Companies Placement Prep, Interview Preparation, ThoughtWorks questions and answers with explanation for interview,placement test,online test,competitive examination and entrance test

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" Mostly asked  ThoughtWorks Technical / HR interview questions
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Mock Test

ThoughtWorks Sample Paper

ThoughtWorks Placement Paper


ThoughtWorks selection process consists
1.Written Test
2.Programming Round
3.Technical Round -2
4.Hr Round

1.ThoughtWorks written test 
The written test is not a technical one and not like logical reasoning on, it was little different.
They will give just 10 questions – 1 mark for each [totally 10 marks].
The questions are flow chart 

The question is to just to do manipulations with the values in the box based on the flow instructions given at each level. , but they will ask with lot of loops and lot conditions and they will would iterate for say 5 times and ask for a particular value.

Just 10 questions, no step mark , so if all 10 correct then you are sure to go for next round. Just concentrate on speed and don’t make simple mistakes because this could reflect at various levels of iterations.

Usually they bring 5 to 6 sets of question paper! Maximum filtration will be in this round.

ThouhgtWorks Programming Round
2.Programming Round

They will ask you to do a simple problem in any languages of your choice(C,C++,Java etc..)
The problem will like you have a robot facing east initially if it has to move 3 steps north it has to satisfy some  , and if it has to move south then some other condition …this goes on. At the end they will ask where will be the robot facing at the end of some “N” movements

[The catch here is if you understand the problem then you will easily make through of it. So read many a times the question.] 

ThoughtWorks Technical Round -1
3.Technical Round -1

This purely technical, they will drill you out with Data Structures, puzzles and mainly they will concentrate on key technologies like Java , .Net and all languages like C# , C++, C, Java, etc etc..

So a person strong in some key technologies and knows little basic of all possible programming languages will be a crucial factor. 

ThoughtWorks Technical Round -1
3.Technical Round -2

Another round of technical interview, now they will drill you out with all sorts of questions from your resume. They will ask about your projects

Here too a few are eliminated. If they have a tie in selecting you and another person, then they may again call (any number of times) you for a technical interview. They will select their right people in this round, others are eliminated.

Round-5 [HR]
Just for a formality. All who enter this stage will be a thought worker at the end of the day. Good Company. Try your best to crack it ! 

All the best !