General Electric Interview-HR Interview Contributed by Anusha updated on Jun 2019

                                                     GE Interview Questions

1. Written test(aptitude n tech)
2. Tech interview
3. HR interview 

Written test techinical was easy..just prepare for the basics in specified branch...i am from EIE(ELECTRONIS AND INSTRUMENTATION).written test consists of 10q from aptitude n 15q from technical.time-1hr. 

i was qualified in written test...then we were asked to be ready for tech interview.2 people came from GE for selection.they r quite encouragive.....for me tech interview lasted for half an hour. as soon as i went into the room sir wished me n even i wished him.he asked me to take seat.

interviewer:how r u?
me: fine sir.

interviewer :how is the written test.
me: tech paper was easy but i couldnt have enough time to solve aptitude.he directly entered into subject questions den.

int: which subjects r u interested in.
me: microprocessors n digital electronics.

int: so wat is an interrupt?
me:i told

int :wat r the interrupts in 8085 n classify them
me: i told(interviewer is basically from EEE so he is not much aware of microprocessors,so i was quite comfortable wid those easy questions)

int :r u comfortable wid basic inst subjects?
me: yes sir

int: so tell me what all u learnt in process control
me: i told pid control,cascade control,feedforward control.......all control mechanisms n about control valves etc.

int: so tell me about PID control
me: startin from Proportional control i told all the advantages n y do we switch to PID and all.....

int: so draw a blck diagram of any process u know
me: i have drawn temp process loop

int: explain each block
me: i explained it.......but he was very specifin in each block....he asked me how do u measure temperature over der.....i told RTD which type....i didnt tell...

int: what r the different methods of measurin flow
me: i told(int has our syllabus book wid him,he covered all subjects)

int: how do we measure pressure in this room
me: i was not sure( i just told about various presssure measuring devices.....n i told to measure pressure in room a very sensitive device is needed as pressure in the room is nearly equal to atm press)

int: how do we measure level
me: i told

int: so wats the ckt of tube light.
me: sorry sir, i dont know

int: so wat kind of motor ll be ther fan
me: again i guessed.....but i later told sorry sir i am not comfortable wid electrical machines subject( but interviewer is from EEE soo i think i ll be out)

int: wat r the advantages of fiber optics
me: i told

int: what r the losses in fibers
me: i told

int: wat is the current through a telephone wire
me: i was again sorry

int: wat is cascade control
me: i told

int: any more questions from ur side
me: no sir

int: ok u can leave....
me: thank u sir....... 

I was selected in tech interview .hr interview was through phone. its was just for 20min..... finally i was into GE.....all the best for u all.......